Meat is murder but murder is also murder

6 Jan

New Post

18 Feb

i figure its about time for a new post…

Health Class

6 Feb

So I’m taking an online Health class because I needed to take it this semester but all the classes were full before I could register… Its a ridiculously easy course and you just take a quiz and do an assignment at the end of each week. Unfortunately this weeks chapter covers an uncomfortable subject, I brought up the power point to read the material before doing the assignment today in the library and a huge slide comes up with the word CONTRACEPTION in bold red letters. I quickly went to the next slide in hopes that it wouldn’t scream out that I was reading about this subject only to find that every slide had this word and even pictures. This was a little embarrassing for me because I’m not the kind of girl who discusses this particular subject on a regular basis and I didn’t want anyone to glance over at my computer and get the wrong idea… so I quickly exited out of the power point. Now I am wasting time till my next class and waiting until I have the privacy of my home to work on this assignment. I know I sound immature, its because I am. I really would rather not know any more about this chapter than I already do and I am not looking forward to what we will be discussed in future chapters.

Blog Blocks

24 Jan

lame joke for a lame post.

I have been trying for the past 30 min. to think up something I wanted to blog about…. but the creative juices just aren’t flowing today. I tried writing about the Eiffel tour, t shirts, iCarly, nail polish… but as soon as I typed the title in it just looked lame and I lost all my good ideas. sorry fellow bloggers, this post has brought nothing but lameness in its purest form.


27 Dec

tomcruise4601I saw Valkyrie yesterday and it was excellent… and yes Tom Cruise does look good in an eye patch.

Home for the Holidays

22 Dec

Its Christmas time and instead of feeling the holiday cheer I think I just might pull my brains out through my ears. I love the holidays, but there are a few things that drive me crazy during the winter festivities…

Like everyone piled in the mini van with puffy coats, a billion or so gifts, and a few dessert platters. I like my space and even a ten minute drive to Grandmas house can turn into a bloodbath if I’m not in a good mood.  There’s just something about not being able to move my arms, the heater aimed right at my face, the radio barfing out the worst Christmas music I’ve ever heard, my hands getting dry and cracked, my brothers hitting each other in the backseat, my littlest sister yelling out my name to talk to me, my Mom yelling at my brothers to stop wrestling in the car, the stuffy smell you get with seven people and four different desserts all meshed in one car, and Emma sticking her finger in my ear that makes me want to jump out of the car and into oncoming traffic.

Just thinking of it now makes me claustrophobic.


13 Dec

Finals are over!